World Missions Ministry



We help to send missionaries to preach the gospel of Christ, and to build schools and churches. We help other countries to proclaim the gospel to their own people.

Currently we are in a building project on the island of Jamaica where we are in partnership with the church of god in Jamaica to build a boys training facility.


• Sis. Adris Juszcyk

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit –Matt 28:19.



The official mission’s department was established in our church in 2000.  Pastor Williams changed the outreach ministry to the world mission’s department in 2000.    The goal was to do mission work outside of our local church.  The first mission trip led by Rev Miller was to Haiti. members of the church also went on this trip. Barrels were sent with food, clothing, and clothing for children.

We decided to work in Liberia because of the genocide there.  Schools for children were closed.  Our goal was to open a school in Liberia.  We raised money by having a concert, bake sales, and other fundraisers.  The first concert was at Weaver High School in 2002 for Project Liberia.    The school in Liberia was completed and staffed.  Pastor and Sister Williams and other mission members went to Liberia for the dedication of the school.   ‘The Norma Williams Academy’

Then we also supported Ghana over the years.  We supported a project to build a church in West Africa.

The Boys Club Project in Jamaica was our next goal.    In 2006 the Young Men’s Development Center Project in Jamaica began.  The Young Men’s Center was a ministry geared toward providing skills, training, and spiritual foundation for young men.    The work would be done in two phases.  Phase one would be to repair the kitchen, pantry, welding area, and the newer dormitory area. Thank be to God we have accomplished that and more we were able to completely renovate the kitchen with new cabinets, industrial refrigerator, and stove.   The Church of God in Jamaica is currently using it.  In 2012 a team of 21 Short-term missionaries went down to help with cleaning, painting etc. We held VBS, open-air services where many gave their lives to the Lord. We work with local Pastors and so all of the new converts were turn over into the hands of the pastors for nurturing.

We supplied finances for rent for a church in the Virgin Islands under Bishop Ishmael Charles. (Tortola)

We also sent money to Nain, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica to renovate the roof and water leakage of the walls in their church.  Bishop and First Lady Ramsey made that presentation on the trip in 2013.  We held vacation bible school, brought school supplies for children, and had evangelism meetings.

We had our first fashion fundraising fashion show. It was successful.

A team of 18 short-term missionaries went to Brazil on a mission trip in 2015.  We had evangelism meetings.  We gave away clothing. With the money raised from the fashion show, we were able to give financial donations to three different churches in Brazil.  We will continue to give financial support to one of the churches to assist with their building project.

We are currently supporting churches in Bangladesh, with financial donations.

We are also supporting missionaries in Nigeria and Malaysia on a monthly basis. We do get are ports from them on a regular. They are thriving in spite of the challenges they face on a daily basis.

2017 Project Haiti—-Under the leadership of Dr. Johnathan Ramsey and First Lady Ramsey, we are embarking on a trip to Haiti. Of course, why Haiti? one might ask

Haiti has been battered by hurricanes after hurricanes. We felt that it is time for us to go, to give, and to help in whatever way we can. We held a fashion show to help supply funds for this trip. The church and the community were overwhelmingly supportive of this project, a benefit concert was held under the direction of bro Steven Wilson.

A team of 30 persons went on a 10 days trip to Haiti from Rehoboth. We were joined by Bishop Noel and 6 other ministers from Boston and Pastor Pettie-Fierre and 3 others from Florida. 35 barrels of food, clothing, medical supplies, personal items etc. Over there we help 3 medical fairs and 2 other churches that food and other supplies were given. Along with our own Nurses and CNAs, we were joined by RNs, LPNS, MEDICAL INTERNIST and in one of the location, we joined MD, dentist, pediatricians, and lab tech. Over 2000 lives were ministered to. All 5 churches received a monetary gift from Rehoboth CoG. We will be working with Bishop Noel as a contact from Boston, to help with the roofing of one of the churches that were destroyed in Le Cayes……. we will keep you posted.

We gave money to the Overseer of Haiti in helping with the rebuilding process of the over 170 churches that were destroyed in the 2016 hurricane.

Some of the other mission’s project we help in 2017: – Rev. Arnold with money to go to Nigeria, where one of our missionary is doing great exploit for God—Bishop Abiola

We send a monetary gift to Brazil, Bangladesh and Peru are doors that God continue to open for us.